Italy authorities just announced that the death number dropped by 30% from what was yesterday which is a good news, mainstream media chose instead to publish the overall total death number in headlines

by 0naptoon

Yesterday they were showing the daily death number comparing it with the previous day and focusing on the increase and making predictions of the future daily death number.

Based on the trend it should had been 300+ deaths today yet the deaths are 175.

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I think they are accelerating the end of this event to try getting everything back to normal in Italy by the start of the summer.

Not so good news for other countries in EU where it appears they are trying the same tactic of closing everything, killing all the markets, keep people inside, steal everything they can steal.

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They still do this one at the time, I don’t think they have enough people to control the outbreak narrative on the entire EU simultaneously.

Now is Spain turn.

We will see this in Germany and France? That is the big question.