While the sheep fight over toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the tax payers hand over 1.5 trillion to wall street.

Instead of putting trillions into the flondering stock market, the U.S could have used that money to exterminate the u.s student loan debt crisis and kick start the entire generations economic success. Our generation would be able to buy homes, cars, invest etc much more fluently and the potential for this investment is astronomical. But no… Instead we bail out Wall Street again. Which btw had no effect on the markets decline.

via WSJ

Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Bid to Prevent ‘Unusual Disruptions’ in Markets

The Federal Reserve said it would make vast sums of short-term loans available on Wall Street and purchase Treasury securities in a coronavirus-related response aimed at preventing ominous trading conditions from creating a sharper economic contraction.

The Fed’s promise to intervene substantially in short-term money markets, together with a move that opens the door to a resumption of bond-buying stimulus known as quantitative easing, followed two days of trading in which market functioning appeared to have degraded.



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