Italy Cut Back Billions On Infrastructure and Then THIS Happened…

Our taxes keep going up, but the infrastructure is breaking down. They make us believe that they need more and more money, but even though we keep dealing with increased taxation, we get less and less. They lied to us. Let me know about the infrastructure in your area. Breaking down?

You can see the roads, bridges, and general infrastructure of cities around the world crumbling. Sadly, lives are lost as a result. Our money is being spent enriching mega corporations in whatever way they see fit. They will be allowed to gain financially from every crisis while the major must learn to live with less and less.


More than 20 dead after motorway bridge collapses during violent storm in Italy | Metro News

Italian bridge that collapsed killing 39 was already falling apart | Metro News

Benetton Family Confronts Italy’s Populists Over Bridge Disaster – Bloomberg

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Pier collapses injuring more than 260 people at festival in Spain | Metro News

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The Limits to Growth • Club of Rome


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