Italy Has Their Trump

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by Jim Quinn

Italian Interior Minister warns EU: The Rights of Italians come first!

By Express 13 August 2018

Italy’s deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini took a dig at the European Union, warning the bloc the country’s coalition government would put the “rights of Italians” before EU demands.

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Eurosceptic leader Matteo Salvini insisted Italy’s coalition Government would put the needs of Italians before the commitments made to the European Union.

The Lega leader told Il Sole 24 Ore he would make sure to deliver on the pledges of his manifesto “whether the European Union likes it or not”.

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Mr Salvini said: “We will also commit economically to kickstart in that sector the same revolution we started on immigration policy. I remember what we promised to do, whether the European Union like it or not.

“We’ll do anything to respect the European obligations with the new budget but the rights of Italians come first. Right to work, to pension, to health.”


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