Italy police, FBI crack down on BIG Mafia sting with Gambino ties…Bonus:Hillary ties to Gambino family

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Italian police working with the FBI cracked down on a Palermo-area Mafia clan with ties to the U.S.-based Gambino organized crime family in New York.

Authorities said that around 200 officers – including FBI agents – swept across Sicily and the New York area Wednesday, arresting 18 suspects in Italy and one in the United States.

Flash back: SHOCK CLAIM: Clintons are a ‘CRIME FAMILY’ as bad as the GAMBINO MOB, ex-FBI chief says

James Kallstrom hit out at the Democratic candidate and her husband during an interview for US radio, in which he compared the Clinton family to notorious criminal mob the Gambinos.

The ex-FBI official, best known for leading the investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800 in the late 1990s, said: “The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically.

Hillary Clinton met with a Mafia heir who asked for his drug kingpin father to be released early from prison in exchange for votes, it has been revealed.

The former First Lady met Giovanni Gambino, the son of Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and the cousin of Carlo Gambino – the boss of the notorious crime family and one-time head of the American Mafia – while she was campaigning in the the presidential primary in 2007.

One of Americas best kept secrets that hillas daddy HUGH RODHAM ran the Chicago mob and that’s why Obama was so close to them as he was from the Chicago crime family so to speak..





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