Italy: Restarting from the 4th of May

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by simo1996TO

Starting from the 4th of May:

-construction and manufacturing sector reopen (not retail).

-Restaurants and Pubs ONLY take away allowed.

-Inability to move to other regions (only for health problems or job necessities)

-Inability to party (even at home), only allowed to go to grandparents house and shit.

-Open parks but always with social distancing (not the shit you see in Central Park today, a real one). (Ability of the major to impose restrictions on a per se basis)

-Group Sports not allowed. Able to do sport wherever you want (so now there is no more “max 200m from your house”)

No mentions on obligations of masks in public. Social distancing of 1 meter.

The dates below Have been cited. future updates will come (that will be developed in more guidelines)

16th May:

-Starting of group sport -retail stores reopening

1st June:

-Open ALL restaurant, Hairdressers and all the places you can think that need crowd.

Fun fact: Metro will have cap on people entering (from 1200 to 150 for a run) and we are putting dots on the floor in every public indoor place on the floor to where to stand. Retail will be screwed with all the sh*t they will have to do to comply.




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