Italy’s Market Crash Could TRIGGER the Global Economic Collapse! Here’s Why

Right now there’s panic and chaos in Italy as the markets fall. Volatility has risen while along with political tensions. There must be a solution given to the markets. Either the ECB needs to ramp up the printing presses or the government muse create more stimulus. They have to act quick or this could certainly trigger the GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

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Italy’s redenomination fear gauge surges on political turmoil

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Italy’s power struggle could a flashpoint for market ‘contagion’

A Silent Coup in Italy | commentary

Red Flags Are Suddenly Rampant in Markets – WSJ

Dow drops nearly 400 points after Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan lead bank stock tumble

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Europe’s losing streak – POLITICO

ECB’s Whatever-It-Takes Toolbox Means Italy Has to Blink First – Article – BNN

bc-ecb-s-whatever-it-takes-toolbox-means-italy-has-to-blink-first.png (620×349)!/fileimage/httpImage/image.png_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/bc-ecb-s-whatever-it-takes-toolbox-means-italy-has-to-blink-first.png

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