It’s a credit event now. Someone is in trouble behind the scenes. Credit is suggesting a crisis

Corporate Debt Downgrades and Defaults Seen as ‘Inevitable’

A steep decline in oil prices and the stock market could trigger a slew of corporate debt downgrades and defaults, analysts say.

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Bond King Gundlach Says ‘Things Have to Get Worse’ in the Market

“I am concerned. Things have to get worse – you don’t have a move like this end without disorder. It just never happens,” Jeffrey Gundlach said in an email.

Deflation Is the Biggest Fear of Leveraged Bond Markets

It’s often said that inflation is the bogeyman for bond traders. Indeed, accelerating price growth diminishes the value of each fixed interest payment over the years. Investors would be better off buying assets that increase along with prices, like real estate or equities, in theory.This