It’s a little known fact that it was the democratic party that allowed the creation of The Federal Reserve. If they never did that, we wouldn’t have trillions of dollars in debt. The great recession would of never happened (The Fed caused that) and there wouldn’t of been two world wars.

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by bbennett36

I know most people don’t know the truth about The Federal Reserve. The truth is the people that the dems allowed to create the Federal Reserve were the same bankers that controlled the money in Europe. They sold America to them on a silver platter. That single event led to all of the economic problems that we have to this day.

It’s a known fact that the Fed purposely created the great depression and they’ve admitted to it. Those same bankers are also responsible for both world wars. They start wars like that to create massive amounts of debt that we will never be able to pay off.

It’s also a little known fact that our economy ALWAYS had tariffs and trade deals like Trump has been pushing prior to the Federal Reserve. All of the anti-Trumpers think this is something new when in reality, it’s in our DNA.

The democrats always have been and always will be the anti-American party. When you go way back, they were the free masons that had connections to the ruling party in Europe that we were trying to escape from. The whig party was founded by by the merging of the Anti-Masonic party and National Republican Party.


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