It’s absolutely incredible that a sovereign nation like Germany has to step up to remind us about the obvious

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The British and American intelligence agencies/governments can not be trusted…especially when making dangerous accusations against other countries without providing any tangible evidence.

German politicians question US-led campaign against Russia: It is “not so long ago that the British and American governments lied to the entire world: intentionally and consciously lied to justify the attack on Iraq.”

Fortunately, not every politician in Germany is brainwashed, and has stated what most rational individuals in the West have been thinking:

The crisis is not being set into motion on the basis of “secure knowledge and secure insights,” but “rather on the basis of a chain of evidence resting on one assumption after another.” This is not proof, he added, and stated that he thinks “such action in a democratic society is not possible.”

And Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who is now “blowing so much hot air…lied so much during the Brexit campaign in Britain that it’s hard to keep up with him.”

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Others have expressed their concern over the rash behavior resulting from these unfounded and dangerous accusations:

Leading representatives of various parties in parliament spoke along similar lines and criticized the government’s position. “The expulsion of four Russian diplomats with an intelligence background was premature and is not justified by the political criteria that should be applied in the Skripal case,” said SPD deputy parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich to Die Welt. Obviously, not “every European government participated in this step.”

Others are certainly not mincing words:

Gabriel did not conceal the fact that he considers the British and American provocations against Russia to be a threat to German interests. It is “absolutely unacceptable that energy policy is driven by the US view, towards a position where we should give up our decades-long energy partnership with Russia so that Germany and Europe can buy expensive American natural gas,” he complained. Instead, he appealed for the “retaining of visions, such as that of a free trade zone from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

There is a much bigger geopolitical picture to consider here:

Washington and London are exploiting the Skripal affair to thwart precisely such a goal. They want at all costs to prevent Germany from establishing a European military alliance to pursue its economic interests independently of the United States and forming a trading bloc with Russia. The constant intensification of the sanctions regime is part of Washington’s efforts to subordinate Russia so as to consolidate US imperialist domination over the energy-rich Eurasian landmass.


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