It’s all changed drastically including people I no longer recognize this reality or this world.

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by GodFrequency 

People self censoring themselves
just watched an earthquake predicting website where the guy who hosts it says he’s giving up and going along with the program because of too much pressure!

This was alarming when people in search of truth, cures, freedom, or history are all silenced.

The deep state is real and it is a list of all the social media platforms that are now in place to track monitor control thought.

How else would companies that turn no profit be moved up to billion dollar companies and traded as such with unlimited funding for servers technology and supported from god who knows where?

Whistle blowers are locked up
truth members are targeted silenced or taken off the air
healers are silenced locked up or killed

Something tells me that the small tiny glimpse we have received into the inner workings of who runs the world, the banking systems and the powers that b, are just a tiny keyhole picture into the grander scheme of what is actually taking place. Whomever, or whatever runs all this has a grand scheme that has played out over the past hundred years, which makes me question if whatever controls us all from the shadows isn’t more or less not human as we understand what being human is.

None the less the change keeps marching on
communism is now a viable party in the united states
tea party members that believe in individualism and less government were silenced infiltrated and targeted by the deep state
elections are all done by electronic voting equated in fractions of votes in order to create an outcome that is desired while illegals the dead, and foreign money finances the entire thing. If we are going to look into election fraud perhaps we should look into the millions of mexicans voting in our elections, or the donations from middle east countries or from Israel, or the money that flows to the City of London, or perhaps the influence of the Roman Catholic church in our elections. The list is endless in election fraud. Russians are guilty only of dumping treasuries trading outside the dollar for oil, and running pipelines to Europe in order to sell oil. Nothing more.

It’s all changed.
Youtube has changed
facebook has changed
our governments behavior has changed
cnn msnbc, fox news has all changed
I remember when cnn was world news
I remember a time whenever there were investigative journalists
All the youtube truth tellers are being silenced slowly
The fact that any voices in America are being silenced at all in the land of the free and the home of the brave with freedom of speech is beyond scary. That is un american no matter what someone is saying
Hollywood has changed it is nothing now but propaganda to an extreme not like it wasn’t before, but now it’s so obvious no one goes to the movies any longer

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People I have known my entire life have changed. People who were strong, outspoken, are now weak and silent if not beaten down completely.

The weather has changed

jet streams have changed

schumann resonance has changed

the magnetosphere has changed

the speed of the molten lava within the earth has heated up accelerated and changed

the rotational speed of the planet has changed
the number of earthquakes has changed

the intensity of lightening has changed

the number of volcanoes has changed

the poles shifting has changed

the amount of uva and uvb rays reaching the planet has changed

numbers of animal die off have changed

flooding globally has changed

our sun has changed

some say the moon has changed

mars has definitely changed

the number of moons around jupiter has changed

the weather patterns and rings on jupiter has changed

the weather on uranus has changed

our entire solar system has changed

Not that I expected everything to stay the same forever, but I never expected such drastic changes within the lifetime of one single generation

Some say that their timelines have changed

or that the position of land masses on the globe have changed

the way everyone in my world is acting like something out of some bad dream, who knows.

There are people I have known my entire life who I don’t know who they are now.

Their behaviors and personalities have changed to the point to where their former selves would not recognize who and what they have become

That is unerving

Why are they shutting down all the solar observatories and freedom of information at the same time.

If something really bad was fixing to happen, and I wanted to control the population and not have a society fall completely into full on panic and collapse. I would do what they are doing in a last ditch effort for continuity of government

But that doesn’t explain why the naturalists and healers have to die, or why those who develop free energy devices must die or be silenced.

So it’s something more sinister than just the world is fixing to be turned upside down.

One things is for certain in this world, we are not allowed true individual freedom in any country in any part of the world. No human farm on earth allows freedom in its purist form.

unfortunately we are raised, swimming in a system of lies

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monetary system
what government is
who runs the government
who controls the information
who is truly in charge is all a lie

Let’s have some elections

Let’s use paper ballots while were at it.

Let us vote

Let us vote for who owns the federal reserve
let us vote for the pope
let us vote for who runs the city of london
let us vote for who is to be queen of england
let us vote for who rules saudi arabia
let us vote for those we send to the United Nations
Let us vote for who sits on the world bank
let us vote for who controls the imf

These bodies and others control the world and yet we don’t vote for any of them.

They rule and destroy nations, they are the power followed to the top.

Our future is looking more like the Georgia guidestones every day.


If I was to design the world, this is not what it would look like.

If there is a God, let god see the corruption and misery of this system. Let the frequency of that creator recreate this world in a better image.

Perhaps we were originally designed to have a higher intelligence in order to be caretakers of this world. Instead we have nuked it radiated it silenced real freedom and real progress. In exchange for a control system, one of a silent enslavement of all mankind.

Where intellectuals who see the truth are not allowed to speak

Where people who want a better world are not allowed to change it.

We’re screwed.

Yet votes are pointless whenever they control all the information and tell everyone what to think. 
You cannot win against a brainwashed mob screaming for free sh*t

justice stands for just us

There is no such thing as right or wrong.

It is now broken down into those who control it all
and those who are left to live a life of servitude to pay tribute to those who control it all. Go along, don’t rock the boat, don’t speak out, don’t have an opinion, and no matter what you think or believe you are not allowed out of the system. Never mind that you never consented in the first place with full disclosure of what your life was meant to be, with what it was you were stamped with whenever entering into a system you don’t believe in. No matter that it was past generations who passed these archaic control systems with all their corruption and greed. You are born into this form of modern day slavery with no freedom other than in name only.


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