Netherlands Cuts Funding to White Helmets Over Links to Terrorism

The Netherlands has stepped up to the plate by becoming one of the only countries to officially cast doubt on the motivations of the so-called “White Helmets.”

Alternative media has been crying foul for years over this terrorist-linked organization, as it potentially is a major propaganda arm for the military industrial complex.

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The decision of the Dutch government to defund the White Helmets notably coincides with warnings from Russia’s military presence in Syria that a “chemical weapons” justification for an imminent U.S. strike is likely to be forthcoming, as the controversial White Helmets group began filming mock chemical weapons attacks last Tuesday and have since filmed nine videos purporting to show civilians exposed to chlorine gas and then being “rescued” by the White Helmets.

Since their founding, the White Helmets have been instrumental in blaming the Syrian government for any and all chemical weapons attacks in Syria, acting as both witnesses and responders to events that were later proven to be the work of the armed opposition in Syria or have been staged.

Yet, the White Helmets may no longer be needed to justify foreign military intervention, especially given recent statements made by U.S. officials that they would attack Syrian government positions for “any attack” launched against Idlib province.

While the Netherlands decision to cut off the funding of the White Helmets is likely welcome news to those who have long questioned the group’s motives, it seems that is may be another case of “too little, too late” for those wishing to see the now seven-year-long conflict in Syria come to an end.

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