It’s All Starting To Fall Apart — PENNSYLVANIA — Senate Chaos — Shouting — GOP Refuses To Swear In Democrats — Move To Recall Governor

The dems are screaming as the patriots calmly vote to toss their lousy asses out.

READ  Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. says that saying the election was rigged is not protected speech. You do not have that right.



“With this reckless, out-of-control, cowboy-like behavior, with this Trumpian behavior that we saw today from Republicans … this does not bode well. It does not bode well for the people of Pennsylvania,” said Sen. Vince Hughes of Philadelphia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“Trumpian behavior”….

In other words they stood up for what’s right and the Democrats don’t like that.

h/t Nawt Meh Prezdunt