It’s Amazing When You Think About It How Far the System Will Go to Try to Keep People from Hearing Our Ideas

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by Chris Black

There’s a whole industry (modern journalism and the deplatforming activists) built around the concept of protecting the general public from even hearing alternative political ideas.

They act like ideas (any ideas including ours) are viruses, and that even simple exposure to them will infect the public. It’s worth noting I’ve met few people in this thing of ours who don’t agree that exposing yourself to a variety of political ideas is healthy and part of human growth.

We actually respect adults enough to understand they are able to examine and study ideas – even ones we disagree with – and come to their own conclusions.

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The system and its toadies don’t. To them, the existence of certain ideas is an existential threat.

People exist to be fed and to follow the system narrative.

So you have to ask yourself – why is thinking a threat to the system?

And if most people don’t like the current system – and they don’t – then maybe they should look at the collection of ideas (our thing) that the system considers most threatening to its existence.

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