It’s Big For Sure! Trump Authorizes Activation Of Up To 1 Million Reservists To Help With Pandemic. Coronavirus Killing People In New York City At Rate Of One Every 17 Minutes

President Trump on Friday issued an executive order authorizing the Pentagon to call up as many as 1 million armed forces reservists to active duty to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The German chairman of the “economic wise men” warns that the country’s economy will last until May, at most, to isolate all its people.

Germany’s public finances will, of course, sustain sizeable economic support measures, even though public subsidies against the economic effects of the corona crisis would increase government debt by up to half.

Instead, the economy of a country, and thus no public finances, can withstand the isolation of all people and the stoppage of all business for no more than three months.

This is what the German Economic Policy Council, the chairman of the so-called Economic Wise Men, said in an interview published on Sunday by Wels am Sonntag.

According to Feld, it is questionable whether citizens can be kept in isolation for more than three months before economic problems begin to grow intolerably.

Therefore, in his view, the health policy strategy must be reconsidered by May at the latest.

“At some point we have to move to personal isolation,” Feld says in an interview with the magazine.

In his view, this would mean the gradual end of all-nation isolation and a shift to isolating the sick and those at risk.

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The authorities in the U.S. want to buy 500 million masks and 100,000 ventilators

German company communicating with US govt.

Coronavirus killing people in New York City at rate of one every 17 minutes

The COVID-19 death toll in the city was 450 as of Friday evening, up from 366 reported fatalities in the morning.

The coronavirus has hospitalized 5,250 people in New York City and the number of patients requiring ICU treatment rose significantly over the last 24 hours. A total of 1,175 patients are in ICUs, a 37.6 percent rise from the 850 that needed such care as of Thursday evening.


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