IT’S COME TO THIS: Florida City Fines Woman Over $100K for Parking Incorrectly on Her Own Driveway.

A South Florida woman is suing her community after she was fined more than $100,000 for, according to city officials, parking incorrectly in her own driveway over the course of a year.

A woman named Sandy Martinez found herself the target of what appears to be a lazy and vicious campaign of harassment from local government officials in Lantana, Florida, after she attempted the impossible logistics of parking four cars at a house with a narrow driveway — and that’s a house which she actually owns.

If you’ve ever had guests over to a home with a single-car driveway, you know it can be challenging to find a spot for that many vehicles. Martinez made it work for her and her family, but officials in the city had deemed the manner in which those cars were parked to be in violation of local codes.

The reason: Some vehicles actually at times extended outward slightly touching either the front lawn while two others reached out into a walkway.

An eyesore for bored neighbors? Maybe. A headache for a family with a multitude of drivers? Sure. But was it all illegal? Per Lantana officials in Palm Beach County — absolutely.


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