It’s Coming: MSM Reporting Solar Storms Are Gonna Cause Global Internet Blackout

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Ninety-three million miles away, a solar storm brews with the power to prompt an “internet apocalypse,” according to recent findings.

University of California Irvine assistant professor Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi presented the new research last month during the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual conference for their Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM).

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In the report, Jyothi warned that an unmitigated solar “superstorm” could “cause large-scale Internet outages covering the entire globe and lasting several months” — pointing to inadequacies in submarine cables, a major component of internet infrastructure.

Most of the time, we’re protected from the sun’s constant littering of radiation, called “solar wind,” thanks to the ionosphere, otherwise known as Earth’s magnetic shield. With nowhere to go, those magnetic particles are pulled to the North and South Poles, producing awe-inspiring auroras before dissipating.

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Countless sources are reporting on this now. It cannot be far away.

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