It’s difficult to continue believing in public education when public educators obvious don’t.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS AND PLENTY OF TEACHERS CERTAINLY AREN’T: When It Comes To School Reopenings, We Are Not All In This Together.

Instead of accepting the science and data suggesting a safe return to classrooms can happen now, Bedford said, teachers unions are “demanding ransoms from communities” by manipulating the pandemic circumstances, families, and school districts to get what they want.

“A lot of the teachers unions are pushing back, saying, ‘We don’t care about the test scores, we don’t care about being your babysitter,’ and they are demanding ransoms from communities like in California, where [the state] awarded them $6.6 billion in order to return to jobs,” Bedford said. “Most of the country has” returned to work.

Bedford said public school teachers are exploring their political connections to stay at home while many private school teachers and other essential workers around the nation went back to work before they were vaccinated.

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