Its getting worse: Mask mandates return… Bars requiring proof of jab… USA will NOT lift travel restrictions… Doctors, nurses, medical groups call for mandatory vax for ALL health workers…

Cities are reviving their mask mandates amid the Delta variant spread, sparking backlash and lawsuit threats

  • Amid concerns about the Delta variant and rising COVID-19 infections, mask mandates are reemerging.

  • St. Louis County and Los Angeles County both recently revived their mandates.

  • The policies have prompted backlash, including lawsuit threats and refusals to enforce them.

Local mask mandates are reemerging as the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues spreading throughout the United States, driving up infection and hospitalization rates.

In Missouri, St. Louis and St. Louis County became the latest to adopt new public health orders requiring people to wear masks in indoor public spaces — whether they’re vaccinated or not. The new rules begin Monday.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County reinstated its indoor mask mandate on July 17, citing a rapid uptick in new infections.


SF Bars Requiring Proof of Jab…

If you’re planning to visit the city this weekend, you might want to carry your vaccination card as many bars are now requiring to see proof of immunization.

Aside from your ID card, bars such as 7 Stills Brewery and Distillery started asking for proof of vaccination only if dining inside their establishment.

“Proof of vaccination either means you have your actual card or photo of your card. But that’s only inside,” said manager Texas Enkil. “Outside you can dine or drink in our beer garden, no proof of vaccination required.”


Doctors, nurses, medical groups call for mandatory vax for ALL health workers…

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Health care employers should mandate vaccinations for all their workers, a coalition of leading medical groups said Monday, as cases of Covid-19 continue to spike across the nation.

While 60 percent of the adult U.S. population has been fully vaccinated, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, millions have still not received those lifesaving shots, leaving the nation vulnerable to the fast-spreading delta variant of the virus.

USA will NOT lift travel restrictions…

WASHINGTON, July 26 (Reuters) – The United States will not lift any existing travel restrictions “at this point” due to concerns over the highly transmissible COVID-19 Delta variant and the rising number of U.S. coronavirus cases, a White House official told Reuters.

The decision, which comes after a senior level White House meeting late Friday, means the long-running travel restrictions that have barred much of the world’s population from the United States since 2020 will not be lifted in the short term.

“Given where we are today with the Delta variant, the United States will maintain existing travel restrictions at this point,” the official told Reuters, citing the spread of the Delta variant in the United States and abroad.

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White House says ‘long COVID’ could qualify as disability…


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