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CNBC Interview with Kyle Bass Full Interview with Missing 8 Minutes. Evergrande and Warmongering. Timestamps in Comments

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The CNBC . com upload only had the first 4:30. Here are some timestamps for the rest of the video.

07:14 – Evergrande is the first block in the Jenga puzzle that’s gonna cause the Jenga puzzle to collapse.

07:42 – hey’re not going to allow Westerners to make money

07:45 – Westerners that own Evergrande’s bonds are going to get what’s coming to them which is almost nothing

08:55 – They’re (China) not a responsible global actor

09:41 – Worries that can end up in more than an economic war that could end up in some type of actual conflict with the rest of the world

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10:12 – The US has major economic weapons that we could use without firing a single missle

10:55 – A shooting war is so far beyond what we ever think about with a superpower like China or Russia

12:08 – What will the West do about it? We didn’t do anything about Hong Kong


h/t kzgatsby

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