IT’S HAPPENING! Rosenstein TURNS ON Mueller, Calls Comey a BAD EGG

by Thinker

The deep state had stolen so much, held and won so many elections, but now there is a change in the commander and chief. Unplanned, not predicted Donald Trump wins the presidency and the pedophiles, fraudsters, felons, liars, of the secret socities that thought they couldn’t lose, lost! Hillary Clinton isn’t president, but there are many who are willing to fall before they let her fall. Follow the money…

Robert Mueller Stood In Front Of A Judge And No One Could Believe What Happened Next

All hell breaking lose and the truth is spraying everywhere!

IT’S ON!! Trump ISSUES FINAL WARNING To Obama, He didn’t see it coming
There are those who stand for freedom, justice, and liberty for all in the United States, and there are those who will betray their brothers and sisters, and deliberately put them in harms way for their own self gain and prosperity. Who hates you? World get punked by the elite.


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