It’s Happening! ‘Strike Forces’ Mobilized In US Against The Unvaccinated

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It is possible that the Washington State Board of Health is considering amending state law in the near future to allow residents as young as five years old to be held in “internment camps” to adhere to the state’s experimental vaccine mandate for not complying with it.

As part of a proposed revision to WAC 246-100-040, the measure would allow local health officers in their discretion” to “issue an emergency decontamination order under the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act.” According to the new law, local health officials would be allowed at the sole discretion of the district health official to “issue an emergency detention order causing an individual or group of individuals to be immediately detained for the purpose of isolation or quarantine.”

According to the resolution, health officers are required to produce documentation showing that residents subject to involuntarily confinement in quarantine facilities have denied them Medical examinations, tests, treatment, counseling, vaccinations, sterilisation of persons, animals, isolation, and quarantine, following which houses must be inspected and the premises should be closed after they are vaccinated, according to the resolution.

In addition to allowing health officers to engage law enforcement to assist in the arrest of Washington residents who are not complying with the law, the amended law also provides for jail time for violators of the law.

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It is written in WA 246-100-040 that “a local health officer can rely on the powers of police officers, department sheriffs, law enforcement officers, constables, and all other employees of any political subdivision under the jurisdiction of the department of health to prepare, administer and enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this chapter in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20.050(4) and 70.05.120.”…CONTINUE READING

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