IT’S HERE! LIFEKEY rolls out IMMUNITY BAND app that lets you travel in a POST-COVID LOCKDOWN world.

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The COVID-19 Immunity Band

We’re working around the clock to bring healthcare providers and consumers an innovative tool to help us get back to life after the quarantine.

Lifekey Immunity Bands help people get back to work, travel, and daily life by enabling easy, contactless sharing of up-to-date COVID-19 immunity status.  By simply tapping the smart wristband with a smartphone, business operators and employers can instantly see whether a patron or employee is cleared for entry by a registered US physician who has vaccinated and/or tested the person for COVID-19 or its resultant antibodies.

Like this was PLANNED.

Just like those warehouses full of TSA body scanners ready to roll when 9/11 happened, this tech is likewise ready to roll out.
Very convenient.
No wonder they need that new 60ghz grid up so fast.


COV IDentifications Issuance Start Monday


Seems like all what has being discussed around Biometric ID is becoming Real.

In CHILE under instruction of WHO the Government will start giving COV IDentification to all of those who have being Tested Positive or negative, with the excuse of Covid19 built resistances.

I believe COVID19 is the Haux the excuse to get people to get the ID through the genetical serum watsoever testing. DNA ID.

Aniways i believe my country just allowed WHO to test on us. Before to apply the same in other Countryes World wide.

Im still hidding in the Shadows.

What shall i do?

Get tested to get the freaking ID?

Spanish local news


El ministro de Salud, Jaime Mañalich, comentó el malentendido relacionado al carnet covid-19, el cual se entregará a partir del lunes y registrará aquellas personas que ya se contagiaron del virus y no son capaces de transmitirlo.

Health Minister Mañalich, commented the misunderstanding on the identification covid-19, wich will start being given since monday and will bw for those who allready tested and have built immunity and are not able to transmit.

If u translate the site OMS = WHO in spanish





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