Local newspapers owned by MEGACORP received large loans in the millions from stimulus for small businesses SBA

Here’s just one example from Tampa Bay, FL. Taxpayer dollars went to bailout a dying industry owned by large companies with “small business loans.”

The Tampa Bay Times and its related companies received a loan of $8.5 million under the federal government’s program to support businesses harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The loan is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and comes under the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act passed by Congress last month and signed by President Donald Trump.


Dude the SBA loans were nothing more than a f*ck you to actual small businesses. More and more we’re seeing what the naysayers were saying actually happened. MEGACORP got another stealth bailout, while the REAL small business was told to f*ck off.


h/t PDX