A Case Study In How Propaganda Works

This is a great example of how BBC propaganda works. Piers Morgan acts indignant that the RT journalist won’t acknowledge Putin’s role in assassinations. Yet, even though Piers Morgan constantly asserts this to be true, he doesn’t provide a shred of evidence or even name a single victim whom he alleges to have been killed by Putin.
It’s argument by assertion and repetition, rather than by evidence. And the RT journalist is guilty if he doesn’t accept the accusation as true without so much as a shred of proof to back it up.

h/t GlobalSouth

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3 thoughts on “A Case Study In How Propaganda Works”

  1. Ask Piers Morgan if he’s willing to share his millionaire’s bomb shelter after the nuclear war he’s pushing has started. These people make millions to push a false agenda, and when the bombs drop, they’ll be in their hideouts.

  2. No proof Russia did it has been presented. And now since they’ve (the western establishment) made their story “official”, there never will be any proof presented. Even though other spy agencies were able to make this stuff, and Russia seemed to have no motive for doing it, that’s enough to blame them for some reason. Anyone saying these kinds of things is getting the “you’re with Putin” crap thrown at them, which stinks of psyop propaganda.


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