In entertainment, there’s a concept called “whitewashing.” Basically, there’s an idea that you shouldn’t cast a character originally of some other ethnicity with a white actor.

Now, let’s be clear, I agree that whitewashing characters is not a great thing. For one, the character was created as part of a total vision, and for a white actor play to play that not just ignores a minority character, but betrays the underlying character itself.

Since there’s apparently a shortage of minority roles, it’s less than an ideal situation for minority actors.

Yet the American left, filled with the people who decry whitewashing, think that the reverse is just fine.

See, in their minds, it’s OK because white actors have enough opportunities anyway. In fairness, white actors do have a lot of opportunities in the film.

Where the problem lies, at least for me, is that it represents a double-standard masquerading as equality.

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It’s nothing of the sort.

What actually happens then is that you’ve simply shifted the party you’re taking a crap on. If flipping the ethnicity is wrong, then it needs to be always wrong.

Yet the “equality” or “equity” crowd never sees it that way. For them, the fact that you’re part of the “elite” ethnicity makes it so you’re it’s safe to treat you like crap.

Now, in fairness, it’s not just entertainment where this happens. All over the place, the left believes it’s fine to take the discriminatory policies that they decry and simply apply them to another side.


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