It’s official. Gun Owners of America (GOA) is suing the ATF to protect gun owner rights.

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via thetruthaboutguns:

As we reported earlier, GOA promised they were going to file a lawsuit against President Trump’s unconstitutional bump stock ban when it was announced. Now they’ve made good on that.

The GOA has officially filed their lawsuit in US District Court for the Western District of Michigan. GOA filed in coordination with the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Tim from the Military Arms Channel and Rachel Malone, the GOA’s Texas director. The suit is also getting financial backing from the Oregon Firearms Federation and BamaCarry.

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Why did GOA file in Michigan? The Wolverine State is part of the Sixth Circuit which has a record of being very pro-gun, and generally more skeptical of illegal government regulatory actions than other circuits in the country. So now we have multi-front attacks on the Trump bump stock ban being fought by the GOA and the Firearms Policy Coalition.

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Here’s hoping more join the fight. It would be good to see the NRA join in. A good friend of mine, Stephen Stamboulieh, the man behind a few prominent cases such as Hawaii’s open carry lawsuit, Young v. Hawaii, is also planning a suit against this violation of the Second Amendment and tells me he will be filing it soon. Stay tuned.



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