It’s only a pandemic crisis when they want it to be a pandemic crisis:

“Extraordinary circumstance”: Feds to reopen border shelters for child migrants — at full capacity, despite COVID.

We’re all thinking the same thing. How can child migrant shelters be open at full capacity when American public schools aren’t?

Does the health of the federal workers who staff those shelters matter less than the health of teachers?

This decision is being made in the full knowledge that some migrants are bringing COVID with them into the U.S. Granted, kids seem to transmit the virus less than adults do, but they’re not fully immune. (Especially older children.) And now the feds are going to pack them like sardines into HHS shelters after initially operating those facilities at 50 percent capacity.

Why? Because they don’t know what else to do with the surge of children arriving at the border. They’ve manufactured a border crisis and now they’re forced to choose among unpalatable options to manage it.

The memo, drafted on CDC letterhead and set for imminent delivery, said the “only available options” for housing minors who cross the border without their parents are “prolonged stays at [Customs & Border Protection] facilities operating significantly above COVID-19 capacities.”…

The CDC says there is an assumed higher risk of migrant kids getting the virus at Border Patrol centers, and it alludes to other safety concerns with those facilities. It concludes the HHS shelters are the safer option, even with increased capacity.



I HAVE A CURE FOR THAT: OPEN UP THE ECONOMY:  Pushed out by pandemic, women struggle to regain footing in US job market.

Let my people go!


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