It’s Only Bad For Our Democracy When Republicans Do It

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Democratic Superstars Get Away with Questioning the Integrity of Elections.

Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams were 2018 runner-up candidates for governor in the country’s third- and ninth-largest states, are considered “rising stars” in the Democratic Party, and are engaging in “horrifying,” “shocking” rhetoric that is “threatening our democracy.”

That’s according to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. That’s what they said about Donald Trump, after all, for questioning the results an election that hadn’t even happened yet. Surely they must feel the same about Gillum and Abrams doing the same.

Gillum and Abrams have, to varying degrees, openly impugned the integrity of their governor’s race losses in Florida and Georgia, to the sound of crickets in mainstream and liberal media.

Clinton, Kaine, Democrats, and the media were understandably vexed when Trump infamously said he would keep us all “in suspense” about accepting the results of the 2016 election. Even now, cable news talkers wonder in hushed tones if Trump would refuse to accept a 2020 defeat and leave the White House, or something.

Yet Abrams and Gillum continue to get away with irresponsible self-pity and delusion.

Rules are for the little people. And Republicans.

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