It’s OVER For SCOTUS Leaker Who Has Been Hiding

Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the authenticity of a leaked draft opinion that was published by Politico, betraying the US Supreme Court in early May and igniting a summer of rage against the Supreme Court, the Pro-life movement, and Conservatives in general.

At the time Robers noted the controversial draft- which appeared to overturn Roe V Wade didn’t represent the court’s final position, hinting that everyone concerned was trying to pressure the Justices to change their minds before announcing the ruling to the public.

Since early May the left has gotten their entire protest industry involved with harassing the Justices in obeying the left- which has resulted in death threats to the Conservative justices- and one arrest for death threats against Justice Brett Kavanagh.

While many people believe they knew who the leaker of the draft was immediately after the Politico stunt, attempts by Roberts or the Biden administration to identify the leaker have gone soft.

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In fact, Roberts opening an investigation- and then doing nothing- was a convenient way of giving cove to delays and prolonging the ruling to be made public.

In the meantime, while America waits to hear, the left is bracing themselves to fight back against the ruling- which has been extended this week, perhaps to give the left more time to hurt the Justices and destroy the ruling.


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