It’s so important for everyone to vote – there’s a lot at stake if we lose:

-Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House
-Adam Schiff takeover the House Intelligence Committees Investigations
-Maxine Waters in charge of country’s finances, House Committee of Financial Services

The Still Report brings up so many good points that “Republicans will out perform the polling”. MSM reports and polling are all favorable to the Dems, even reporting that “Democrats have a greater than 80% chance of winning the house tomorrow” and “the Democrats will win the house by 40 seats”. They are so confident, can’t help but wonder how many dead people & illegals are voting, how much rigging is going on. Evidence proves contrary, from the video:

-Obama can’t even fill a Milwaukee HS auditorium

-President Trump has to seek out the largest venue in every city he travels to…and still 2 – 3 times as many more people try to get in and they are unable to accommodate everyone wanting to get in

-Gillum shared a stage with Bernie Sanders and there were more news crew people than there were supporters

-When Trump went to Las Vegas he packed the LV convention center, leaving thousands of supporters outside unable to get in. Biden and Obama were only able to draw small crowds in Las Vegas.

-Trump’s black supporter base has risen from 8% 2 years ago to 40% now.

THE STILL REPORT: The Red Wave Is Coming Today!

(Note: Report begins at 1:20).

Add this guy as well he’s a former democrat

and a writer for Huffington and Jerusalem post

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