It’s Time to Teach Students about Slavery – The Real Slavery Happening Today In Africa and the Middle East

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by Mark Angelides

Black Lives Matter students and staff at UVA have denounced the statue of the university founder, Thomas Jefferson, and rather unsurprisingly released a list of demands. As with all of these demands, there is a fair amount of idiocy thrown in with some of the more reasonable ones. But it seems that the entire frenzy of BLM activists, Antifa, and other associated nut jobs are missing a really key lesson – Slavery.
Consider this: There are people living as slaves, right now, today, in many parts of the world. If you were really so incensed by the fact that slavery once existed in a place, surely you would be angry that it still exists in others…or is it all selfish hypocrisy?
The pygmy people of the Congo region are quite literally born into slavery, live their lives as slaves, and are owned by their Bantu masters. They are sold into sex slavery, they are paid at the whim of their owner (often in cigarettes or used clothing), and in many African nations denied any rights at all, including identity papers and education. They make up around 2% of the population; but this is under threat from people who hunt them and eat them, believing that to consume the flesh can give magical powers, and from interbreeding with their masters.
Some may argue that this is purely backwards villagers engaging in this shocking discrimination, but the Congo Parliament is fully aware, and doing almost nothing about it despite pressure from groups like UNICEF.
This is certainly not the only example of enslaved people throughout Africa. People are traded daily, sold into sex work, laboring, and pretty much any damn thing their owner pleases.
If the Black Lives Matter activists are so concerned about slavery in the past, why are they not concerned about slavery in the present? What’s the point in speaking out against slavery to people who have already denounced and stopped it? It’s like preaching to the choir! They should be using their energies to combat actual, existing slavery…unless of course, their agenda of hatred and anger actually has nothing to do with slavery in the United States.
Back to the list of demands. They are asking that students be taught about slavery. I agree completely. I think all students should be taught how Britain and the US fought wars to end slavery. And they should be taught that slavery still happens today in Africa and the Middle East, and that we should not accept this. If we are going to campaign against slavery, let’s hold up Britain and the US as shining examples of what nations NEED to be doing! Accepting the terrible treatment of human beings in the past, and embracing the fact that we no longer engage in such a hideous practice.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Teach Students about Slavery – The Real Slavery Happening Today In Africa and the Middle East

  1. And, oh yeah, the FACT that Irish and Scots-Irish immigrants to the American colonies in the 1600s and 1700s and even the 1800s were INDENTURED SERVANTS–WHITE SLAVES! But you’ll never hear of that being taught in our politically correct educational institutions! And that FACT that indentured servitude STILL EXISTS (Cornwall in the UK–Cornwall is a DUCHY owned by the Royal Family, and SHARECROPPING still exists in the US south (read the book “Same Kind of Different As Me”, about a “latter day slave” named Denver Moore, written by him and Ron Hall. This book is NON-FICTION). But BLM could care less about these people. For BLM and Antifa, it’s all about their gimme agenda and being paid by George Soros.

  2. Don’t expect the idiots of today to look at that.
    They have totally accepted their own slavery, And Love it.
    For them double think is all there is.
    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and ignorance is Strength.
    In 30years you might be able to get them to look at Truth.
    But by then it will be too late. The trap will fully be in place.
    For they will look back and see only the misery that they are responsible for.
    And the children, ‘IF’ there are any will hate… THEM!
    Then they will know just what real hate is.
    It will not be the fake hate they espouse today.
    I have no pity for them.
    For the HOLOCAUST they will bring today will consume them, TOMORROW!

  3. These BLM dupes fail to grasp the fact that they’re being funded by globalist Nazi/Collectivist George Soros who is using them to try to destroy America because he wants us to be forced into the ruling elite’s long desired Global totalitarian state. That way, we’ll ALL become SLAVES on a GLOBAL PLANTATION!
    Part of the effort to do this requires destroying our history which they are attempting to do. People have lost site of the circumstances under which those Confederate Statues were erected in the first place- it happened due to a Supreme Court Decision. At the time, a lot of people, especially in the northern states, didn’t want any statues erected for Confederate Generals, but the Supreme Court ruled that this was a first amendment matter, and people in the South had as much right to freedom of speech as people in the north.
    This is an example of American exceptionalism- but the Globalists want to destroy freedom of speech in this country along with all the rest of our Constitutional rights, so they’re trying to destroy the first amendment by labeling certain speech “hate speech”. The BLM fools are being used, but fail to realize it.
    The direction they’re pushing us all in does not lead to freedom, it leads to the iron boot of tyranny stomping in our faces forever! It leads to the destruction of America! In Charlottesville, the mayor and the police chief instigated the rioting by steering the two groups together to insure the chaos that ensued. They did this because they’re both committed globalists. The motto of the Globalists is “ordo ab chao” (order out of chaos) where they CREATE the chaos in order to attempt to usher in their long desired New World Order. What happened in Charlottesville should be contrasted with what happened in Boston where the police did not stand down, but prevented a riot by keeping the two groups apart. That should have happened in Charlottesville but the police were ordered to stand down.
    Thomas Jefferson had a lot to do with the creation of the University of Virginia, he was a genius, and was one of the Founding Fathers of our country. He viewed all people as being created equal. He tried to abolish slavery within the State of Virginia but saw that it couldn’t be done at the time, however he was a champion of human rights and his life should be viewed in the proper context. He set the stage for the eventual emancipation of black slaves. Right now, he must be rolling in his grave, amazed by how easily misled the people in BLM are. Hopefully, they will awaken to the fact that they’re being used as pawns by Globalist George Soros who doesn’t have ANY of our best interests at heart as he seeks to destroy America for his own selfish personal gain.

  4. Are you scared to mention that The Prophet Mohammad and Islam condones slavery, especially sex slavery? The Islamic fundamentalist are doing it NOW!

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