It’s weird that BLM protests with no social distancing didn’t cause any COVID spikes, but going shopping somehow will

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by seethroughtheveil

Just saying. The NBC source theorizes that there was a spike amongst protestors, but since everyone else was terrified of them and decided to stay home, it balanced out.

Others were saying it is because it was outdoors, but outdoor concerts, beer fests, Disney CA, and such still aren’t allowed. No, you need to be vaccinated to see live music but feel free to riot without it.

Also, best argument I’ve found so far is “I’m young and healthy and have no comorbidities with COVID; it’d be selfish to take the vaccine when over 59% of America is overweight or obese (a COVID comorbidity) or 16% is over 65. I’d rather leave the limited supply for those that need it.”

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