Ivanka Trump Doing for Immigrants that No One Else With Money Is, Put Up or Shut Up!

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by Thinker

For the reporters who are putting their faces all over Youtube, and calling out the Trump administration for the crimes of the Obama/Clinton/Bush administrations. Trump didn’t create the wars that have displaced millions from their home countries. Trump administration didn’t set up the immigration centers! Trump administration wasn’t responsible for the missing tax dollars that are said to be funding these nonprofit organizations that need to be audited! While most of the world is googling over the wide ass of a Kardashion or one of the many kidlets they are popping out, you don’t see any of them taking the time away from a camera to care.

For all those who criticize anything immigrant, WTF are you doing???

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Got to give it up for Ivanka Trump, setting the example and being the leader in a humanitarian move for the children of immigrants.

Ivanka Quietly Donated Thousands to TX Church Helping Immigrant Children in Midst of Border Policy Outcry

While the news cycle was churning and pundits on both sides of the aisle were blaring their opinions on the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policies, Ivanka Trump was quietly taking action. Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump and a senior White House adviser, reportedly donated $50,000 to Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, after seeing a tweet from the congregation’s lead pastor, Jack Graham.

SCOOP: An evangelical leader tells me @IvankaTrump saw this tweet a couple of days before the executive order was issued, reached out to:

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What kind of world would it be, if more millionaires like Ivanka put money where there mouths are…heavenly!”

Celebrities (who won’t be donating or volunteering at a shelter) show their outrage with the ‘zero-tolerance’ immigration policy that allows children to be separated from parents at the border. Its so easy to blow hot air out of your mouth, but our actions reveal the true content of our character. Hollywood, what are the stars doing other than complaining about the Trumps who aren’t inviting them in for a party?


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