IWB Apologizes For Down Time – Preparing For Upgrade – Becoming Faster, Cleaner, And Stronger.

As you know, if you are an IWB family member, we have been down for maintenance.  But it has been more than maintenance; in fact, we are working hard to present a whole new look.  It has been a challenging development, but thanks to Leo, who volunteered to help IWB to upgrade our platform and develop a new theme, our site will be cleaner and faster.  We are most likely looking at another couple of weeks before our transformation is complete.
We want to apologize for the inconvenience and the issues you have suffered due to our maintenance.  You will soon find a more comfortable and accommodating environment at IWB.  Hopefully, things will settle down soon, and we can get back to business.
We hope the New Year has been good to you so far, and we certainly hope it will be better for us than the year 2017.  We have been fighting a battle of censorship from social media, and we will soon be better equipped to handle it.  
Some of the problems we have had are as follows:
Facebook has refused to show any of our new posts to some of you, and we appreciate you writing us keeping us informed.  


Twitter will not allow our tweets to show in their searches.  They want us to go away and stay silent, but that is not going to happen.  We will continue to rise to meet these challenges.  
Twitter is advancing rapidly in silencing conservative alternative media, so know this is on the rise.  It has been revealed that Twitter can leave out tweets or parts of tweets they do not approve of.
Social media platforms like Twitter, which in its early days described itself as “the free speech wing of the free speech party,” have become tyrants and roadblocks to sites like IWB.
The shocking decision of GoDaddy and Google to cut off support for the “Daily Stormer” effectively banned them from the Internet.   In my opinion, this event was the beginning of the end of free speech in cyberspace.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has helped to build a national hate crime database of conservative websites.  Just to show you how threatening they are to conservative voices, they have put Dr. Ben Carson on its extremists list.
You can read about this at www.splcenter.org/20161025/journalists-manual-field-guide-anti-muslim-extremists
Some of those on the list are as follows:

  1. Ann Corcoran
  2. Steven Emerson
  3. Brigitte Gabriel
  4. Frank Gaffney
  5. Pamela Geller
  6. John Guandolo
  7. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  8. David Horowitz
  9. Ryan Mauro
  10. Maajid Nawaz
  11. Robert Muise
  12. Daniel Pipes
  13. Walid Shoebat
  14. Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer writes for one of the websites they have banned.  It is “Jihad Watch.”  There is not a better source for the truth about what the illegal immigrant movement has done to the world than “Jihad Watch.”  

“The biggest issue in America and throughout the Western world is not the economy, or the situation in Syria, or Iran’s nuclear program, but media censorship.  Freedom of speech exists, but it is constrained with the habitual use of totalitarian labels like “conspiracy theory” and anti-establishment views are limited to the margins of public consciousness.
The suppression of public consciousness and knowledge is a spiritual crime. Censorship destroys cultures. The lack of a genuine public debate about the horrific events of the past hurts America and the West. It is not healthy that every public issue is tainted with state and corporate propaganda. Everything we are being told by government leaders and journalists is not true. Earth-shattering truths are being censored. Scripted talking points and political slogans have replaced honest speech and real debate. “
From video:
The violence on America’s streets must end, and that means the overt censorship of all conservative voices by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter must also end. It is time to regulate internet gatekeepers and outlaw their politically-motivated censorship of conservative voices.
The echo chamber of the illogical, irrational and enraged Left is magnified by the selective censorship of internet gatekeepers like Google and Facebook, all of which are engaged in the most outrageous distortions and censorship imaginable, deliberately silencing all conservative voices while amplifying left-wing channels and news sources, no matter how dishonest or hypocritical they are. This is all part of a deliberate scheme to silence White people, conservatives, heterosexuals and Christians in order to favor lunatic left-wing culture that’s rooted in delusional thinking, anti-science “biology” and intense racism, bigotry and hatred toward anyone who doesn’t bow down to their totalitarianism.
Please sign up for our newsletter and visit IWB daily.  We are spending a lot of time and money, but the resistance is huge against the alternative voice.  We have faced so many technical issues like numerous DDOS attacks or hacking.  Site infrastructure which includes server and codes require upgrades.  
We can tell you we are doing our best to make IWB into a better website for you.  We hope in turn you will spread our site to more people and sharing our posts.
We promise in 2018 we will stay united and grow.  We have hired new writers, and we are accepting more submissions.  
We ask you, our faithful IWB family, for any suggestions you may have to help the site grow.  Also, we want you to tell us what kind of content you would like to see more of.
It is because of you, we continue to exist and move forward.  We want IWB to stand strong in fighting the mounting challenges of being a conservative alternative media website.  
We here at IWB are a family.  That family consists of our creators, writers, and readers.  It is clear when reading the comment section, those who frequent IWB are well read and dedicated to the truth.  We are looking forward to more stimulating discussions in 2018.  
The IWB Team