IWB: Paywall will be lifted indefinitely. Will roll out member only contents soon.

Our mission is to inform as many people as possible, and our recently implemented paywall is doing the exact opposite. The majority of our readers were prevented from accessing our most crucial contents of the day. This is quite heartbreaking.

As a result, we decided to remove the paywall indefinitely while still providing member-only content (just 1-2 posts) every day.

Subscribers will continue to benefit from an ad-free environment.

Our finances are quite precarious; if we continue to lose more advertisers, the site will close down shortly if our subscription revenues can’t fund our operation.

Update: Once Google cut you off from their ad server, you lost access to most of ad market (and the most high end advertising)no matter how hard you try it. You have no idea how dominant Google is in the advertising sector. Running this website has left me deeply in debt.

And its not just google:

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