IWB's New Feature: Push Notification

Readers can be informed about our featured posts at all times: when reading other websites or while working in other apps, with the browser closed. Even when the computer is not active – it displays all missed notifications the moment it wakes up.
You don’t have to install any additional apps or plugins. You just accept receiving notifications from our website and presto!
Here are a few things that we will use push notifications:

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  1. Use it as a call to action. Important release
  2. Promote older posts. We send out notifications for some older posts which are relevant to today’s events.
  3. Repost a current article. “In case you missed it” reminder to you at a different date or different time for extremely important or breaking hot posts.
  4. Ads. We only send out one ad notification a day. Please check out all the push notifications we send out daily, both ads and regular posts(2-4 a day). Its a way to support the site since we are being pressured by elite organizations.


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