“Jail Justice”: Gay Couple Who Abused & Pimped Out Their Kids Are Getting What they Deserve in Jail

According to a recent report, a same-sex couple from Georgia is accused of sexually abusing their adopted sons and producing child pornography with them. Additionally, they are alleged to have prostituted the boys to a group of pedophiles in their community.

An investigation conducted over several months by Townhall has uncovered allegations that William Dale Zulock, aged 33, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, aged 35, used social media platforms to engage in the prostitution of their two young sons, who are of elementary school age.

“Since they’re being prosecuted as co-defendants, the adoptive fathers are housed separately while in pre-trial detainment.

An out-of-county transfer placed Zachary “Zack” Jacoby Zulock in Barrow County Detention Center’s “maximum” security unit “due to the nature of the charges.” Zachary appears to be experiencing what’s colloquially called “jail justice,” part of an honor code amongst inmates and a brand of justice directed at offenders who would harm children in any way: child murderers, rapists, and molesters, a.k.a. “ChoMos.” In terms of the lock-up’s pecking order, they’re the lowest rung on the hierarchical ladder.

Meanwhile, the most William Dale Zulock Jr. is contending with is his dietary restrictions in Walton County Jail.

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William, who’s lactose intolerant and cannot drink the milk at breakfast-time or any dairy products offered in the slammer, complained about the soy patties and bologna-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch, which he doesn’t eat. “I don’t even know a dog would eat these bologna sandwiches. That’s how low-grade the meat is,” fussed William, whose weight is down to 120 pounds.

“This place is a joke,” William snickered, grumbling about the jailhouse’s “decrepit” housing conditions.

“Pfft, yesterday was miserable,” William said after seeing the indictment documents. “They called me up front again for fingerprints, and I saw the new charges that they’re putting against—I’m assuming—both of us […] There’s 17 charges.”



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