James O’Keefe Project Veritas WINS Defamation Suit

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Over the course of his long career Democrat for releasing truth and Undercover videos about the Democrats corrup activities.

One of the most famous ones is that he edited videos.

proven false by forensic analysis

I just cleaned this way that he was forced to pay money in a lawsuit

also false

but that hasn’t stopped liberal activist groups from trying to take him to court for doing journalism

this is part of the left war on the Free Press. Anytime a news Outlet there is to criticize the Democrat Party the Democrat Party will immediately launch war against that outlet. When Bill O’Reilly dared to criticize George Soros George Soros had his Super PAC Media Matters Target Bill O’Reilly’s advertisers

do try to do the same thing to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity

When Alex Jones Infowars start to gain traction and become a threat to the Democratic agenda C’est La Vie Facebook to shut them down

NF funeral scene I’m on the left. Working diligently to silence any free press outlet they don’t like

Unfortunately for them James O’Keefe is fairly careful and make sure to constantly release completely unattended footage Tahira chords. That’s a different General threat to the Democrat Party.


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