These are Real complaints from Google employees (internal memos)

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Google is trying exceptionally hard to make the company inclusive to people of all backgrounds and identities, recently released memos from the company make clear.

The real memos from Google headquarters show an open-minded and inclusive environment with truly socially conscious progressives making an active effort to make the tech giant a model of corporate responsibility.

Rural Democrats are terrified of the Free Press. They don’t like that there are journalistic Outlets that are allowed to criticize the Democrat Party. And they worked diligently to try to silence. Specifically with project Veritas. An undercover investigative group that has released countless video of undercover investigations. Exposing Planned Parenthood patient access to Undercover videos of CNN producers and anchor is admitting that they’re racist Russia conspiracy theories were mostly bullshit. An release of Google Executives admitting to manipulating elections Democrats Running Scared



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