Japan is building TERMINATOR robots (to install drywall)

Japanese researchers at the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) research center have developed a prototype humanoid robot, the HRP-5P, designed to autonomously perform heavy labor in hazardous environments.

Standing just under 6-feet tall and clocking in at 222 lbs, the HRP-5P has “unsurpassed physical capabilities,” according to Phys.org, and is fitted with an array of sensors in order to fully assess its environment to perform various tasks.

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In one demonstration, the HRP-5P shows of its skills grabbing standard 77 lb. boards of drywall typically used in construction.

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Aside from construction, AIST’s robot has compelling applications at aircraft facilities, shipyards or any other environment in which heavy things need to be lifted or manipulated – particularly in hazardous environments.



h/t McShillin