Japan Printed SO MUCH Money It’s Now A Top 10 Shareholder In 50% of Japanese Stocks!

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Japan is the model for success. They’ve been printing money and hey look, everything is fine… So why are they quickly becoming the only buyer?

Japan is the model for success under QE, I’ve heard countless times. It’s odd though because the economy is slowly but surely rotting away as the intervention gets worse and worse. If the economy was in good condition, there would be absolutely no need for this. That’s not the case now, is it? All central banks have decided to sacrifice their currencies in order to keep their Ponzi schemes going longer. This should be interesting.

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Bank of Japan to be top shareholder of Japan stocks – Nikkei Asian Review


Bank of Japan: Total Assets for Japan | FRED | St. Louis Fed

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As Japan Stocks Stabilize, BOJ ETF Buying Lowest Since 2016 – Bloomberg

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