Japan temporarily halted the use of 1.63 million Moderna vaccine doses over claims that tiny particles were found floating in unused vials

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  • Japan’s health ministry temporarily suspended the use of 1.63 million Moderna vaccine doses.
  • It said foreign substances were found in 39 vaccine vials at eight vaccination sites across five prefectures.
  • The doses were distributed to 863 vaccination centers, but the facilities have been instructed not to use them.

Japan halted the use of 1.63 million Moderna doses in its vaccination drive after its health ministry reported foreign substances in some unopened vaccine vials.

Medical workers across the country reported 39 instances of foreign substances floating in unused vaccine vials, per Kyodo News. The vials were found in eight vaccination sites across five prefectures — Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Gifu, and Aichi.

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The Japanese health authorities say the 1.63 million doses of Moderna vaccine are from three vaccine batches produced in Spain under the lot numbers 3004667, 3004734, and 3004956, per the Japan Times. The use of vaccines from these batches has been suspended temporarily as a safety precaution.



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