Japan, the country with the longest Human Life Expectancy in the world, also has the least number of vaccinated people (for anything, not just covid)

by ElegantDecline

Let me preface this by saying I am not anti-vax. I got my covid shot a while ago.

Japan has held the title of having the longest average Human life expectancy of any country for many decades now. At the end of the day, true science and bullshit aside, the statistics tell an undeniable story. They prioritize long life ahead of every other country on earth.

Yet vaccinations are not required by law in Japan. The majority of the population lacks multiple basic vaccinations that the rest of the world gets when they are young.

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In terms of covid, less than 3% of the population is vaccinated and death rates are not anywhere near the highest in the world.

I am not anti-vax, and don’t think the anti-vax movement even realizes this about japan… but god damnit something doesn’t check out here. they keep telling us that vaccines are good for us

source: apnews.com/article/japan-coronavirus-vaccine-coronavirus-pandemic-sports-business-04eaae220abeff6cb30ee4f0e0fc58f8


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