Jason Chaffetz & Trey Gowdy Trust IG Horowit

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Synopsis: At this point, with the desperate Dems countering every legit and hard-won revelation from the House Intel Committee with disinformation ops straight from the Clinton Crime Cabal HQ, the nation waits with growing anticipation for what it hopes is a detailed and honest report from the Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz. But is Horowitz honest?
According to former Rep. Jason Chavits, both he and Trey Gowdy trust Horowitz:

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2 thoughts on “Jason Chaffetz & Trey Gowdy Trust IG Horowit

  1. Is there anyone in power in America that isnt a Jew or openly professed the allegiance to them? Less than 2% of the population but, they make up HUGE portion of the power structure. And, anyone that points this out is labled a “nazi” or ” anti semite” Enough is enough already…

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