Jim Jordan & Fauci Emails

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by davefairtex

So Jim Jordan went after Fauci (who unfortunately was not there) in a hearing, demanding that Fauci’s next appearance in Congress not be hidden from public view (as is currently planned), and that the “redacted” sections of the Fauci Emails be immediately un-redacted.

He got very, very specific, reading the critical bits and pieces from the Emails.

“Some of the features of this virus look engineered.”

“Now we don’t know what happened on that phone call, because every single email regarding that phone call … has been redacted.”

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He did an excellent job.  It was uncannily similar to what Chris did when the emails first came out.

Here’s the video of Jordan, 5:36, speaking for a big chunk of America:

Perhaps Congressman Jordan is running for something?  This is perfect campaign material.  Everyone wants to know WTF happened.  “So who exactly stole 18 months out of my life? Fauci!!!”

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I expect more of Jordan’s collegues to jump on the bandwagon.  The ones that haven’t already been co-opted by the Oligarchy, of course.  (You’ll be able to tell which ones come pre-owned by their conspicuous absence from this whole issue.  I’m looking at you, Lindsey ‘Eternal War’ Graham.  One among many.  I should make a list.)

The next major waypoint: when someone on “the left” starts asking these same questions.


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