Jim Willie: The US Was Infiltrated From Within

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Jim Willie: The US Was Infiltrated From Within,
This Is a Battle Between Good & Evil

Using bs paper (fiat currency) to manipulate real money/assets. The cheating scumbags should be in prison.

The Covid-19 fraud for declaring “death by Covid-19″ is World-wide!

Unfortunately Ob*ma ensured that his army was in place for when he needed them after leaving the WH. Many of us know BLM and Antifa are his army, paid for by Soros. They ensured they got the meanest and worst of society to try to bring us down, as they are currently doing. Everything that is currently going on, is all under the orders of the Satanic deepstate.

Paper U.S. currency is fiat and worthless. A 95% copper penny is worth more in copper weight than a $1 bill.The Federal reserve note has lost more than 99% of it’s value.The game is over for the ‘FED’. Get out of paper currency and into physical precious metals before it’s too late.

The digital is here soon. Sept 1st? Sept 10 – 12m

Digital Currency, in this day and age, is a prescription for the exploitation of the working class. The big banks can break up the block chain. They’ve had test runs already. They’re moving the middle and working class into an financial abattoir where the meager wealth of the common folk will be butchered by faux crisis after faux crisis. It’s the same old $h1t. The only way for the common folk to come out of this planned collapse is to invest in property, gold, and silver (and other precious things like gems, platinum, palladium, etc.).


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