Jimmy Dore: Obama Adviser & Karl Rove Team Up To Lie To People

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Hilarious. I always did like gallows humor because we don’t have a choice. Remember when the democrats voted against the bailouts, then they wheeled in Senator Obama to make them sign? He should have had a Goldman Sachs neon sign around his neck. Amazing public speaker. Best since Kennedy IMO. I fell for everything he said after the guy I backed fell out of the race. Punish the fat cats blah blah only for him to give them jobs in the White House, bailouts, quantitative evasive via the fed etc etc etc. It’s actually hard to find a full good quality clip of it on YouTube. Funny that. Just like it’s hard to Google how Obama quietly gave the nod via his press secetary to agree with the states decidsion to shut down Occupy Wall Street due to “public health and safety”.

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