JOB-Pocalypse and A Falling Economy! Stock Market Now 100% All In Maximum Leverage!

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There’s so much attention on the markets right now because of the unprecedented performance. It has been escalating dramatically, thanks to unicorns and fairy dust. The world supply of unicorns is also infinite so there’s no need to worry about it and the demand is always high. Congratulations to the central banks for their excellent work here….actually, wait a minute.


Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Jobs bloodbath accelerates easing of lockdown for pubs, restaurants and weddings | News | The Sunday Times

People Aren’t Visiting Branches. Banks Are Wondering How Many They Actually Need. – WSJ

How companies plan to hire robots after coronavirus layoffs

Workers face cuts to hours, pay, as they return to old jobs during the coronavirus pandemic – The Washington Post

Many American workers remain unemployed as Wall Street surges

Guardians of the World Economy Stagger From Rescue to Recovery – Bloomberg

Left out: More workers now losing hope of getting back jobs

Look for the S&P 500 to turn positive for the year with a boost from the Fed in the week ahead

(1) SentimenTrader on Twitter: “This is stunning. At the peak of speculative fervor in February, small traders bought to open 7.5 million call contracts. This week, they bought 12.1 million. Watch what people do, not what they say. They’re full-bore bullish, on steroids.” / Twitter

The Bull Is Back! Markets Charge As Economy Lags 06-05-20 – RIA


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