Jobs Narrative Continues To Be Bullshit

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by Jim Quinn

“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
― Benjamin Disraeli

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I used to write a post every time the BLS issued their bullshit jobs propaganda report once per month. I did it during the entire Obama administration, proving month after month the narrative of an improving jobs situation was a crock of shit. I eventually tired of writing the same shit over and over again, so I stopped.

I’ve now listened to Trump and his non-critical thinking minions boast for two years about his miraculous achievements in creating jobs. Whatever. It would take someone with an ounce of mathematical skills to verify the narrative, but why use facts when a narrative works better on the ignorant masses.

Today’s report headlines says we added 196,000 jobs in March, which comes from the Establishment Survey. It’s funny how the MSM and Trump’s sycophants ignore the Household Survey. That survey says the number of employed Americans dropped by 201,000, but the number of unemployed dropped slightly because things are so fucking great in our economy that 369,000 people decided to voluntarily leave the workforce in one month. This shit is just like the American Dream, because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.

And this isn’t some one month hiccup. The Household Survey showed we had 156.9 million Americans employed in December, but only 156.7 million employed in March. Does that sound robust? Does that match the Trump narrative being spun by Kudlow and crew?

I despised Obama and everything he stands for. The BLS is nothing but a propaganda tool for those in power. Trump trashed the BLS and their data when running for president, but has now embraced their fake data. So, it has been consistently fake for both presidents. With about 30 minutes of research, I was able to produce this chart from the BLS Household Survey. It essentially obliterates Trump’s bloviating bullshit.

BLS Household Survey Data
Mar-15 Mar-17 Chg Mar-19 Chg
Total Working Age Population (mil) 250.1 254.4 4.3 258.5 4.1
Labor Force (mil) 159.9 160.2 0.3 163.0 2.8
Participation Rate 62.7% 63.0% 0.3% 63.0% 0.0%
Employment to Population Ratio 59.3% 60.1% 0.8% 60.6% 0.5%
Employed (mil) 148.3 153.0 4.7 156.7 3.7
Unemployed (mil) 8.6 7.2 -1.4 6.2 -1.0
Unemployment Rate 5.5% 4.5% -1.0% 3.8% -0.7%
Not in Labor Force (mil) 93.2 94.2 1.0 95.6 1.4
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It’s so simple, a Federal Reserve lackey, Ivy League academic, or even Herman Caine could understand. I looked at the last two years under Trump versus the previous two years, which was 90% under Obama.

The most obvious data point is that 3.7 million jobs have been added in the last two years under Trump, versus 4.7 million in the last two years under Obama. No spin. Just facts. The Trumpeteers will be outraged by my use of facts to destroy the fake news narrative.

Across the board, Obama’s last two years showed more progress regarding jobs than Trump’s first two years. The number of people not in the labor force is up 1.4 million versus 1.0 million under Obama. The participation rate hasn’t budged in two years, while increasing slightly in Obama’s last two years.

The true employment picture is the number of people in the country not working, versus those who are working. The total working age Americans not working in March 2019 totals 101.8 million. The total working age Americans not working in March 2015 was 101.8 million.

Now for the coup de gras. The 156.7 million employed Americans are supporting the 101.8 million not working. But it gets better. Only 130.9 million are working full-time. But it gets even better. The number of government drones in those figures  totals 20.7 million. The taxes siphoned from our paychecks are paying their bloated salaries and benefits.

The stock market will surely soar again based on the false jobs narrative. So it goes. I’ll write another article in two years when I work up sufficient outrage again.

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